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ZANESVILLE – On Nov. 16, the Y Bridge city will come together to celebrate the 200th birthday of its namesake, display
hearing from speakers about the rich history of the distinctive landmark.
The event, sponsored by The Times Recorder, city, county, John McIntire Library, Zanesville City Schools, the chamber
and visitor’s bureau, the Pioneer Historical Society, WHIZ and the Ohio Department of Transportation will take place from
Zanesville-Muskingum County Welcome Center and is designed to educate and commemorate the construction of the m
“It’s obviously unique because of the fact that it’s a Y bridge and not your typical stuff,” said Jim Geyer, president of the P
Muskingum County. “Over the years, it’s become a symbol of Zanesville. … It’s one of those unique landmarks where th
The event will feature artifacts and photographs from the five bridges that have spanned the confluence of the Muskingu
Many of these artifacts originate from wood gleaned from the debris of the third Y Bridge’s demolition, including furniture
cane. More commemorative items will be displayed from throughout the years, such as jewelry and mugs.
One particular item of interest to Geyer is the portrait the historical society acquired of Thomas Brown, a toll collector for
“Who knows? He may have been the last one,” Geyer said. “He’s one of the last.”
The planning committee also is planning to procure speakers for the event but had yet to schedule any specific ones.
“There will be a nice blend,” said Jay Bennett, director of Public Service and Community Development. “There will be his
have some fun in there.”
Geyer is expecting the celebration to draw local people looking to learn more about the town’s history. Bennett said he is
momentous occasion in Zanesville.
“I was fortunate to be serving the city when it celebrated its bicentennial, and now I’m here when the Y Bridge is,” he sai
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The Y Bridge 200th Birthday Celebration will be from 1:30 to 3 p.m. Nov. 16 in Heritage Hall at the Zanesville-Muskingum
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