Ohio National Road Association Milestone Leadership and Preservation Awards

The Ohio National Road Association’s award program seeks to find individuals and organizations who are doing their part to help preserve, promote, and enhance the Historic National Road in Ohio. Each year we will be awarding both a Milestone Leadership Award and a Milestone Preservation Award for the service of individuals and organizations in their desire for the sustenance of the Road. Below are the previous winners of the awards, as well as a nomination form for future awards.

Milestone Leadership Award

2015 Winner – Dean Ringle

For his years of exemplary service as a Board member, ONRA President, and Administrator of the Mile Marker Program.


(Pictured is Mary Ellen Weingartner & Dean Ringle)

2014 Winner – Glenn Harper

For his inspiration, knowledge and leadership in preservation of the Historic National Road.


(Pictured is Doug Smith & Glenn Harper)

2013 Winner – Denna Johnson

For her years of service to the Association and as our “Queen Mum” of fundraising.


(Pictured is Denna Johnson and her son, Brad Johnson)

2012 Winner – Michael Peppe

For his dogged persistence and dedication to the implementation phase of ONRA’s Interpretive Signage Project.


(Pictured is Mike Peppe)

2011 Winner – Jonathan C. Beard

In recognition of his unwavering efforts to promote the original route of the National Road through downtown Columbus, and for his continued accomplishments in the renovation and rejuvenation of east Columbus neighborhoods along the National Road.


(Pictured is Jon Beard, Dean Ringle, & Cyndie Gerken)

2010 Winner – Cyndie Gerken

For her extraordinary leadership in the office of President of ONRA 2009-2010, her infectious enthusiasm, positive attitude and total dedication has resulted in one of our organization’s most successful and productive periods. Presented with the heartfelt gratitude of our entire membership.


(Pictured is Ed Kemper, Cyndie Gerken, Dean Ringle, & Doug Smith)

2009 Winner – Ed Wagstaff

For his extensive contributions to the preservation of Guernsey County’s history and for his commitment to both the mission and activities of the Ohio National road Association.

Ed and Cyndie award pic

(Pictured is Ed Wagstaff & Cyndie Gerken)

2008 Winner – Teri Davis

For her invaluable contribution to ONRA, in designing, establishing, and maintaining the organization’s website. Her innovative approach to technology has helped ONRA to advance our mission on the world wide web.

Teri Award

(Pictured is Teri Davis)

2007 Winner – Ed Kemper

For his inspiration, enthusiasm, unselfishness, humor and his total dedication in helping to found the Association and contribute to its growth and development.

Ed Award

(Pictured is Ed Kemper)

Milestone Preservation Award

2015 Winner – James & Cheryl Lamborn

For the restoration of The Snodgrass House, known as Chinkapia Hall on the National Road near Springfield.


(Pictured is Mary Ellen Weingartner and Cheryl & James Lamborn)

2014 Winner – Belmont County Commissioners

For their sponsorship of the rehabilitation of the Belmont County Sheriff’s Residence, which is now a museum.

The Commissioners were unable to attend the Annual Dinner and were presented their award by ONRA’s Belmont County Representatives at a later date.

2013 Winner – Morristown Historic Preservation Association (MHPA) — Pam & Tom McCort

For saving and restoring The Black Horse Inn on the National Road in Morristown.


(Pictured is Denna Johnson, Cyndie Gerken, Doug Smith, and Pamela & Tom McCort)

2012 Winner – Madonna Christy & Cris Cummins

For their commitment to the preservation of the Red Brick Tavern on the National Road in Lafayette, Ohio.

Cris and Madonna edited

(Pictured is Cris Cummins & Madonna Christy)

2011 Winner – James H. & Nike D. Lagos

For their steadfast commitment to and investment in the preservation and revitalization of downtown Springfield through the restoration and rehabilitation of the historic Bushnell Building, located on Main Street, the original route of the National Road.


2010 Winner – Nelson T. Gant Foundation

For the preservation and restoration of the Nelson T. Gant House on the National Road in Zanesville.


(Pictured is Cyndie Gerken, Josephine Gillard, Lace Lynch, Libby Curtis, Michael Morgan, Connie Norman, and Dick Watiker)

2009 Winner – Jerry and Jacki Gross of Lewisburg

For their commitment to historic preservation along the Ohio National Road and for the preservation and restoration of the former Toll Road House in the old Euphemia area of Lewisburg.

Follow this link to take a look inside the Toll Road House

Jerri and JAcki Gross award pic

(Pictured is Jerry Gross, Cyndie Gerken, and Jacki Gross)

2008 Winner – Columbus Firefighters Union IAFF Local 67

For the preservation and restoration of the Toledo &Ohio Central Railroad Station.

ONRA Annual meeting 11-18-2008

(Pictured is Mike Peppe, Jack Reall, Cyndie Gerken, and Bruce Warner)

Certificate of Appreciation

2015 Winner – David Starr

For sharing his skills and expertise and donating his services in designing the new website of the Ohio National Road Association.


(Pictured is Mary Ellen Weingartner & David Starr)

If you would like to nominate someone please fill out the nomination form below:

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